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            Water cloth——water jet loom

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            Water cloth——water jet loom

            Release date:2015-08-22 00:00 Source: Views:

            Water cloth——water jet loom

            Water jet loom belongs to jet loom, weft insertion is using water as medium, after jet flow of weft yarn friction traction, make fixed introduced shed weft yarn on the bobbin. Due to the flow of the connection is good, there is no any water jet loom stop the spread of the current device, so let it reed space also can reach to more than two meters. Water cluster of water-jet loom is very good, plus the water on the friction and traction of weft is big also, and let the water jet loom, loom weft flying speed are first of all kinds of loom. Suitable for glass fiber, synthetic fiber, such as hydrophobic fiber yarn weaving, so on varieties have limitations. General device including: injection pump, water seal persuation and fabric dehydration equipment, recycling equipment and so on. Water jet loom, is common used in recent years a high-speed loom, but its products have also been limited, many products can't production, but for general interior fabrics production efficiency is very high. Water jet loom, xinji in place after the need to install debugging, the process must have certain experience to operation. The parameters of loom manual is only for reference use. Main reason is that loom parts, precision to the perfect coordination of parts operation not. But first do preliminary adjustments shall be based on mean parameters will loom, according to the experience after commissioning.

            Water cloth


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